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Assessment Services

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Quintessential Health offers comprehensive assessment services for children and adolescents for a wide range of presenting concerns. We offer psychoeducational & psychological full-battery assessments in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the person. Each psychological assessment is uniquely tailored to an individual’s needs so that we can adequality address the referral question. Quintessential Health also offers diagnostic rule-out assessments for individuals seeking a specific type of testing, often for diagnostic clarity.

All of our assessments include specific, comprehensive, and individualized recommendations. Following testing, we conduct a feedback session in order to review all of the results of the assessments and explain our recommendations. At Quintessential Health, we recognize that there are many people involved in your child or teen’s life. Therefore, we often include specific recommendations for others involved (i.e. teachers, counselors) and invite anyone to the feedback session that you would like to be there. 

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Types of Testing We Offer

Types of Testing
  • Psychoeducational & Academic

  • Developmental

  • Cognitive/Neuro-testing

  • Diagnostic rule-outs

  • Memory

  • Personality/Behavior Testing

  • Phonological Processing

School Children
Reasons for Testing
  • Difficulties with Academics

  • Intelligence Testing (IQ)

  • Behavior concerns

  • ADHD/Attention

  • Gifted evaluations

  • Autism

  • Developmental Concerns

  • Dyslexia

  • School placement & accommodations

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