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Individual Therapy

Child at Psychologist

Children and adolescents often struggle with challenges and problems that require professional support. Oftentimes children struggle with emotions, self-esteem, problem behaviors, unhealthy relationships, and other stress-related problems may impact their lives in negative ways. 


What to look out for: Some examples of children struggling include: problems at school, arguments with family and friends, problems with emotion regulation, difficulty socializing, as well as a range of other behaviors. 


Addressing these problems may help children develop the skills needed to overcome their struggles and allow them to live healthier and happier lives. 


Our therapists create a safe, friendly, and non-threatening environment for children and adolescents to share their stories and overcome their challenges. We provide our child and adolescent individual therapy services via Telehealth. With the addition of parental support and education, therapy can be useful for providing children the necessary tools that they need to live more meaningful lives as well as the skills needed to cope with the current and future stresses they encounter. 

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How can therapy be helpful for my child?

Children and teens may experience a variety of problems that affect how they feel, act, and learn. Therapy can provide a warm and safe space for kids and teens to talk and learn how to manage their problems.  

How does therapy work?

Therapy with younger children may involve working with the family, and is often active in nature encouraging playing, creative arts projects, and talking.  

Therapy with older kids and teens involves talking through problems and feelings. 

Depending on the child’s age, therapists might meet with the child and parent together, or with the child alone. 

Why do children/teens need therapy?

All children experience emotional ups and downs, challenges with friendships, and difficulties with school from time to time. Sometimes these challenges can turn into more serious problems.  Kids and their families may need therapy to work through problems they can’t cope with alone.   

What happens in therapy?

At the initial session, the therapist will meet with the child and parent/caregiver to learn more about the concerns. A plan for treatment is developed based on this evaluation.  

Children and teens will then attend therapy sessions where they will likely engage in activities to express feelings, learn new coping skills to reduce anxiety or stress, and think about new ways to solve problems.  

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