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The Many Benefits of Telehealth

Benefits of Teletherapy

So much has changed in our world over the past few months. Perhaps some of those changes have affected your mental health; or maybe you’ve been wanting to try therapy for a while, and are finally going to give it a shot. Teletherapy can be a worthwhile and efficient way to take care of yourself.

Let’s talk about the benefits:

o Flexibility. Engaging in therapy online allows for easier and more convenient access to care. You can attend sessions in the comfort of your own home, which also means less time spent utilizing transportation, and waiting in a waiting room. Think about what you could do with all of that extra time!

o Access to Care. Teletherapy can provide access to services for individuals who are physically unable to attend appointments due to illness or disability, and for those living in rural areas with limited mental health treatment options. Therefore, you are no longer limited by your location, and can actually utilize teletherapy services to expand your access to a variety of skilled clinicians.

o Privacy. If you are concerned about engaging in therapy for privacy reasons (e.g. thinking that you may run into someone you know), teletherapy offers an alternative. Seeking out therapy is something many individuals find difficult for a variety of reasons, and telehealth can ease that process. Additionally, the Telehealth platform (TherapyNotes™) used by our Quintessential Health team is HIPAA-compliant and offers secure online access. Multiple forms of encryption and firewalls safeguard against unauthorized access. 

o Cost. Teletherapy will likely save you money. Engaging in therapy online can reduce costs on gas and childcare.

o Effectiveness. Studies indicate that video conference sessions can be as efficacious as in person therapy.

We are constantly finding new ways to connect as our world becomes increasingly more digital. Teletherapy can provide a supportive and rewarding sense of connection!

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