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Ways to Overcome your Fears.

We have all felt fear towards something, whether a storm, trip to the dentist, darkness, roller coasters, or losing someone close to you. Fear is the way our bodies warn of something that may be a danger to us. While this is so, at times our fear and feelings of anxiety can interfere with our happiness. We may fear losing our jobs, rejection, or embarrassment. Over our fear and anxiety can get in the way of our goals.

Fear can lead us to making statement such as “I can’t.” This feeling can not only cause us to think we cannot but also physically feel we cannot do something.

Take some time to address these fears through these 6 steps.

1. Become aware of your fears. Create a list of thoughts or tasks that may lead to your feelings of fear. Once you have determined what may be triggering these feelings, it may be easier to address these concerns.

2. Visualize yourself as unafraid. What would you do if these thoughts and feelings were not interfering? By visualizing, this allows you to image what various positive outcomes may be. By focusing on these positive mental images, you can focus on performing positively.

3. Focus on your breathing. By taking deep breaths, your body will begin to physically calm itself. You will gradually feel more relaxed and less focused on your feelings of fear.

4. Write it down. Write down the steps you need to take to achieve your goal. This will allow you to have clear steps to achieve.

5. Educate yourself. At times we fear the unknown. We do not have all the information needed to make a decision. Ask someone who is knowledgeable in this subject. Search online with reliable resources. Check out books at your local library for more information. There is so much to learn.

6. Role play. Once you have completed research, first take some time to practice the task. After you feel you have developed an understanding of the task, role play it. You can practice alone or with a friend. This may also help reduce feelings of anxiety.

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