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The Telehealth Advantage

On a Video Call

A core value of Quintessential Health is to provide treatment services to our clients in an exceptional and accessible manner. In pursuit of this value, we have chosen to utilize Telehealth treatment as a system for serving those seeking our services.


We believe that Telehealth provides many advantages over traditional treatment, such as:

  • Significantly superior client access from virtually any location

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Elimination of travel and transportation time/costs

  • Convenient access to a clients surrounding and circumstance

  • Utilization of interactive communication methods

  • Greater opportunities to meet with support systems

At Quintessential Health we embrace Telehealth as a premier treatment approach. Feel free to puruse the following articles for more information on the efficacy of Telehealth treatment: The Telehealth Advantage


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Individuals can participate in sessions from the comfort of their home. This allows for more flexibility and decreases obstacles such as child care, transportation, busy work schedules, and illnesses. Patients can schedule according to their own schedule.



Individuals who may live distant from mental health facilities, rural areas, or have mobility problems, now have easier access. Telehealth allows you to meet with your therapist no matter where you are.

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Due to flexibility, individuals do not need to pay for secondary costs such as childcare, parking, leave time from work and gas.  Additionally, we offer cost-effective services in order to improve access to care. 

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Numerous recent studies have shown that telehealth is as effective as in-person therapy. Tele-mental health services continue to grow as an alternative to in-person services.  See our resource section for more information. 

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