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Emily Israel, M.S.

Clinician/Doctoral Trainee


Emily Israel, M.S. is a Doctoral Level Trainee. Emily completed her psychology major, Bachelor of Arts, at the University of Maryland, College Park in 2020. She graduated from Chestnut Hill College in 2022 with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. She just completed her first clinical experience for her doctoral training working with adults in an inpatient setting. In this work, she addressed a variety of clinical concerns such as chronic depression, anxiety schizophrenia, bipolar, substance use, intellectual disabilities, and trauma. In addition, Emily worked at a school for five years that specializes in working with children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum and worked closely with families to determine supportive treatment.


Emily has also had brief clinical experiences working with children diagnosed with Selective Mutism, as well as exposure to an organization that provides therapeutic services to victims of abuse, and perpetrators of abuse. Currently, Emily is a third-year student at Chestnut Hill College APA accredited PsyD program. Her training in Chestnut Hill is focused on a psychodynamic theoretical orientation. She enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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