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Saleka Kabir, M.S. 

Clinician/Doctoral Trainee


My name is Saleka Kabir and I am a board-certified counselor with a Bachelor degree in Psychology and  a minor in Applied statistics from Kennesaw State University. I have a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mercer University Atlanta, and currently enrolled in a clinical psychology doctoral program aiming to practice as a psychologist with diversity and inclusivity issues at the heart of my work. I am passionate about fostering positive change in my clients' lives while empowering them to lead a meaningful life. 


I specialize in working with adolescents and adults to overcome feelings of anxiety and depression alongside a variety of disorders that can negatively impact our daily lives. I am also experienced in conducting assessments and leading group and family therapy session. I utilize techniques grounded in research such as CBT and help individuals with stress-management, increasing self-worth, redefining past trauma, and overcoming fear and shame to discover their inner potential. There is always hope, and I want to inspire you to live your life most authentically! 

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